June 17, 2009

Hey look Ma, I'm flying.

Last hurrah on the trampoline!!
It left the yard yesterday. We have totally redone the backyard. It now looks like some adults live in the house. Will post pictures if this rain ever stops.

Olivia and Aunt Kelsey jumping good-bye.

May 28, 2009

What happened to May & Olivia needs to learn how to spell

I know it is still May,,,but it is almost gone.  I moved my sewing room up from the basement and am in the process of trying to convince Olivia that even if my sewing stuff is in "her" room it is hands off.  She is determined to use my computer and every time my back is turned she is typing away.  She has renamed all my icons on my desktop.  At almost 3, her spelling should be much better.

March 29, 2009

Here it is over a month after the last post.  No excuses.  Have a beautiful new hardwood floors in the kitchen, family room and hall to the bedrooms.  House has been totally torn apart.  Then came March Madness with our favorite Michigan State Spartans going to the Final Four after an awesome win over Louisville.  Sorry any Cardinal fans.  Yesterday, my sister, my daughter one of her friends and I went to the outlets in Birch Run.  Still looking for drapes or side panels for the new chocolate brown master bedroom.  Neither the Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn Outlets had anything that I wanted.  I keep leaning toward toile of some kind.  Afraid I may have to make them.  
Can't post without a picture, so here is one of Olivia looking for the ladybug inside the flower.

February 9, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been refeathering the nest like crazy.  I haven't taken many pictures, YET.  Mark is in the process of painting our bedroom a chocolate brown.   We finally decided on "Sleigh Bed" from Valspar,  it is one of Martha Stewart's colors.  It looks so rich with the cream woodwork and the tan carpeting.  Our room is very small with a king size bed.  I was worried that it might be too much, but I love it.   This photo is off Valspar's site and show's the colors.  I will not be having a red bedspread.  I will post "underconstruction" pictures soon.  I am looking for fabric to make roman shades for the windows, Mark is afraid the neighbors are looking in through the sheers I have hanging now.  

January 19, 2009

Out with the Old...

No I am not talking about my hubby.  This is the fan in the family room that came with the house.   I have looked at it from the recliner for 2 years now.  And I hate it.  I have threatened to take it down and spray paint it.  Figured if I covered up the brass it wouldn't be too bad.  Maybe even paint the blades and the housing.  But I really hate the lights also.  I just don't like looking at the lightbulbs.  Mark knows my feelings and I think he shares some of the same.  Men just don't have the same type of feelings for the decor of the house as they do for snowblowers or such.

While at Menard's on Saturday looking for humidifier filters (those are important to guys), we found a fan on sale.  This fan is just what I have been coveting and it being on sale was the frosting on the cake.  Into the basket it went.  Sunday night, I asked my son the troll (he lives in the basement)  to help me put it up.  We hadn't even got one blade off the new one before Mark took over.  He had been too tired before we started.  I learned a long, long time ago how to get him onboard with any of my projects.  Just start it myself or with one of the kids, he can't stop himself from getting involved.   
Anyway,  here is the new.

Now I need to work on decorating the top of the TV.

PS.  Mark solved the problem regarding the decorating of the TV top.  52" high defin in time for the Super Bowl.

Now I have to work around the black monster in the corner.

January 5, 2009

Christmas Joy!

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.  
This Christmas was one of the most laid back one we had in years.  Mark, Josh, Kelsey and I slept in until 8:30, opened our stockings, and had breakfast. Megan, Ben and Olivia got here around 10 am and did their stockings. We puttered and did dinner prep until G and Amber and the grandkids, Trisha, Keegon, Vaughn, Gage and Bree came and then opened presents. My sister Marsha, her husband John and my nephew Tyler came next. More present opening. G and Amber and the kids had to leave for another Christmas.

Santa  did come!!

Olivia in the new dress Aunt Raija made for her.

Olivia and George!

Josh opening his stocking

Santa brought me a new hat!

Santa brought us all new hats!
Wonder if he had help from Grandma and her embroidery machine?

The grandkids checking out what is in their stockings.
Bree had already emptied hers into her new castle.

My sister and brother-in-law, nephew Tyler and his girlfriend Ashley

My Aunt Audrey and some of her clan.

Nicolas and Olivia
We could have saved a bunch if we had just given them
the empty boxes.

Around 7 pm my Aunt Audrey and my 4 cousins and their spouses and kids came over and we did a "White Elephant Auction".   Great fun.  Poor Ben ended up with the 25 year old salmon that rears it's head every year.  We are running out of ways to disguise it. 

Hope you and yours had blessed holidays and that 2009 will be your best year ever.