January 5, 2009

Christmas Joy!

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.  
This Christmas was one of the most laid back one we had in years.  Mark, Josh, Kelsey and I slept in until 8:30, opened our stockings, and had breakfast. Megan, Ben and Olivia got here around 10 am and did their stockings. We puttered and did dinner prep until G and Amber and the grandkids, Trisha, Keegon, Vaughn, Gage and Bree came and then opened presents. My sister Marsha, her husband John and my nephew Tyler came next. More present opening. G and Amber and the kids had to leave for another Christmas.

Santa  did come!!

Olivia in the new dress Aunt Raija made for her.

Olivia and George!

Josh opening his stocking

Santa brought me a new hat!

Santa brought us all new hats!
Wonder if he had help from Grandma and her embroidery machine?

The grandkids checking out what is in their stockings.
Bree had already emptied hers into her new castle.

My sister and brother-in-law, nephew Tyler and his girlfriend Ashley

My Aunt Audrey and some of her clan.

Nicolas and Olivia
We could have saved a bunch if we had just given them
the empty boxes.

Around 7 pm my Aunt Audrey and my 4 cousins and their spouses and kids came over and we did a "White Elephant Auction".   Great fun.  Poor Ben ended up with the 25 year old salmon that rears it's head every year.  We are running out of ways to disguise it. 

Hope you and yours had blessed holidays and that 2009 will be your best year ever.

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