December 3, 2008

Procrastinator Extraordinaire

While searching for a title for this blog, many different ideas went through my head. I wanted a name that reflected my love of machine embroidery, sewing, knitting and crocheting; therefore the "needle" part was simple. My husband, Mark, the wordsmith that he is, also suggested that the word needle could be used as a noun or a verb. Is there too many commas in that last sentence? Now the hard part of the title is what kind of a needle will I be? Simple, eager, slow... my sister, Marsha and Meegan, one of my daughters came up with the procrastinator part. I wonder why?
  • Is it because when I get home from work, I need to light a bomb under my rear to get out of the recliner?
  • Is it because I get 3 or more books from the library every week?
  • Is it because I am afraid I will miss something new and exciting on HGTV?
  • Is it because my sewing room is in the basement and I'm too lazy to go downstairs, where my son, the troll dwells?
I did get the embroidery done on my swap gift this weekend. AND I did get it mailed out before the deadline. Like Martha says, "That is a good thing". Sorry, I was in such a hurry to get it mailed I didn't take any pictures. Someday I will make a list of all the projects going in the sewing room, many are years old. Maybe I should just concentrate on the one's that need to be done before Christmas. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.


Susie Q said...

Hello Nancy! Welcome to the bloggy world. It has been so much fun for me and I hope it will for you as well.
I love your bolg name! It is so unique and descriptive! And how I envy your sewing ability. My daighter is good with a needle and thread, me? Not so much I am sad to say.
I laughed out loud when I read, " son, the troll dwells." I have one of thjose basement dwelling son'trolls too! : )

I will add you to my blog roles today!


Jane said...

procistinator must be my middle name so I know just how you feel!
I love your pumpkin photo, very festive.