July 18, 2010


Had a fairly uneventful drive to Iowa for our first stop along the way.  We made our goal of Davenport so we could go to breakfast at The Machine Shed, where the cinnamon rolls are large enough to be split between 5 people with some to spare and the pork chops are the shape and size of Texas.  We recommend to anyone traveling to the Plains to stop and experience these restaurants.  The farm theme is seen inside and out. 

Arrived in Lincoln around 3:30 pm on Saturday.  Stepped out of the car and thought we were gonna die.  The temp was at 97 degrees and the heat index was at 115.  We are use to hot and humid in MI but this is awful.  We spent a bit of time acclimating ourselves to the city of Lincoln with only a few wrong turns and then hit the hay to prep for the begining of a busy week. 

Today we had a nice breakfast at the hotel then headed to watch Kelsey practice her routines.  She did fantastic when she couldn't see the other athletes practicing at the same time.  Watching the other participants practice gives us hope for success for Kelsey  :)  During Opening Ceremonies we were amazed by the amount of people in the arena.  47 of the 50 states are represented, including Alaska!  There were so many people shouting and clapping.  Some were even blowing horns and yet Olivia still managed to take a 45 minute nap in the middle of it!  For some reason the blogger is not allowing us to put up pictures so we'll put some on facebook and keep trying on this.

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remc said...

I can relate to Olivia. I fell asleep at a Detroit Lions game and that was pretty noisy. It is warm and boring, so why not take a good nap.
Glad to hear Kelsey is doing so well! This is so exciting. Are videotaping too?