July 16, 2010

We're BACK....

Gosh, it has been a year since I last posted. Sorry about that! Life happens. I will be using this blog to keep everyone informed of the goings on in Lincoln, Nebraska this next week.

Kelsey qualified for the National Special Olympic Games this past year. The Michigan SO officials were allowed to take 2 contestents for Rythmic Gymnastics. They put everyone's name who had taken a gold medal in the event at the 2009 Summer Games in a hat and pulled out Kelsey & Moriah. What an honor.

Anyhoo, we are leaving this afternoon to drop Kelsey off at the Grand Rapids Airport Hilton. She will spend the night there with her coach Cornelia and Moriah and then fly by private jet in the morning to Lincoln, Nebraska. We, Mark, Nancy, Meegan, Olivia and Becky Armstrong (Kelsey's teacher) will set sail for the west after dropping her off. Wish us luck with 5 of us (one a 3 year old) in the Impala for a 686 mile trip. We plan on stopping somewhere in Iowa this evening.

Will update you all later.

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